2022 2nd International Conference on Detection Technology and Intelligence System(DTIS 2022)
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Conference Chair


Prof. Wenbing Zhao

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Coilege of Engineering, Cleveland State University

Publication Chair


Assoc. Prof. Gian Luca Brunetti

Architectural Technology at the Polytechnic of Milan

Technical Program Committee Chair


Assoc. Prof. Jun Xu

Wuhan University of Technology, China

Local Organizing Committees

Prof. Heng Gu, School of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University, China

Assoc. Prof. M. A. Teeti, East China University of Technology (ECUT), China

Assoc. Prof. Cheng-Yuan Ho, Asia University, Taiwan Province, China

Senior Engineer Gaitang Wang, China Ordnance Industry 203 Institute, China

Assoc. Prof.Wei Wei,Xi'an Jiaotong University,China   

Prof. Yajun Liu,South China University of Technology, China

Technical Program Committees

Prof. Badrul Hisham, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia

Prof. Subhendu Kumar Pani, Orissa Engineering College, India

Assoc. Prof. Tian Soon Lee, Multimedia University, Malaysia

Assoc. Prof. Parneeta Dhaliwal, Manav Rachna University, India

Assoc. Prof. Udit Mamodiya, Poornima College of Engineering, India

Assoc. Prof. P. PANDIYAN, KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, India

Assoc. Prof. Saman Abdanan Mehdizadeh, Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University of Khuzestan, Ahvaz, Iran

Assoc. Prof. Sharifah Sakinah Syed Ahmad, Malaysia


Prof. ###***, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Prof. Noreddine Gherabi, Sultane Moulay Slimane University, ENSA Khouribga

Assoc. Prof. Vineet Dahiya, K. R. Mangalam University, India

Assist. Prof. Md Khaja Mohiddin, Bhilai Institute of Technology Raipur, India

Assoc. Prof. Mohammad Khishe, Iran University of Science and Technology, Elecronic Engineering Department, Iran

Assoc. Prof. Md Mozasser Rahman CEng, Universiti Tun Hossein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), Malaysia 

Assist. Prof. Saleh Mobayen, University of Tabriz, Iran

Assist. Prof. Chandra Singh, Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, India

Assist. Prof. Lee Hwang Sheng, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Malaysia