2021 International Conference on Detection Technology and Intelligence System (DTIS 2021)
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Prof. Dejie Yu (Hunan University, China) Link

Experience: Prof. Dejie Yu's research areas are equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis; dynamic signal analysis and processing; automotive vibration and noise control (NVH); research on the properties and applications of phononic crystals/acoustic metamaterials; and research on the mechanical properties of acoustic metamaterials. He has published more than 200 papers in total, and 20 representative SCI papers have been cited 1569 times by SCI-E, with a total impact factor of 63.289 and an average impact factor of 3.164 per paper. The paper has received positive citations and positive comments from IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (IF= 7.168), Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (IF= 4.116), Journal of Sound and Vibration (IF= 2.539), etc.


Prof. Aihua Dong (Zhengzhou University of Economics and Business, China) Link

Experience: Prof. Aihua Dong, master of Engineering and master tutor, is currently a teacher in the Electrical Engineering Teaching and Research Office of School of Intelligent Manufacturing. He used to serve as managing director of Henan Electrotechnical Society, heading the construction of key disciplines, excellent courses and high-quality resource sharing courses in Henan Province. Prof. Dong is mainly engaged in electrical automatic control, fault detection and other directions of scientific research. He also teaches such courses as Circuit Theory, Electronic Technology, Industrial Power Supply and Distribution. Prof. Dong has chaired nearly 10 projects at or above the provincial level, such as Research on New Technology of MOEMS Three-component Acceleration Seismic Geophone supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Electrical Fire Monitoring and Fast & Accurate Alarm System for Large Shopping Malls, and Sectionalized Localization System of Power Line Fault Based on Wireless Sensor Networks included in Henan provincial programs for scientific and technology development. Moreover, he is the person in charge of more than 10 horizontal projects such as Research on Lightning Prevention Technology for 35kV Electricity Supply Line of Zhengzhou Coal Industry (Group). By far, Prof. Dong has more than 80 academic papers published in international academic journals, with 10-plus papers being included in SCI, EI and core Chinese journals. As an editor-in-chief and a deputy editor-in-chief, he has published eight textbooks and reference works, and applied for five patents. Prof. Dong has won three Henan Provincial Teaching Achievement Awards (first prizes), five Henan Provincial Scientific Research Achievement Awards (first and second prizes). Besides, he was titled Advanced Individual in the evaluation of moral teachers in high education.


Assoc. Prof. Zhaojing Tong (Henan Polytechnic University, China) Link

Experience: Assoc. Prof. Zhaojing Tong is Mainly engaged in teaching and research in intelligent detection and equipment fault diagnosis, automatic control, intelligent reasoning, etc. Presided over one project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and participated in the completion of three projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China; presided over one scientific and technological project of the State Administration of Safety Supervision 2017 on the key technology for the prevention and control of serious accidents in safety production, and completed eight scientific research projects at the provincial and ministerial levels, of which one won the third prize of the scientific and technological progress of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Army, two won the provincial scientific and technological achievement award, and one won the third prize of science and technology of the Chinese coal industry, etc..